Microanalytical Tool

The Microanalytical Tool (MAT) is a multifunctional measurement instrument that can be used in the laboratory or in field for continuous online monitoring. The Standalone version is USB or Battery powered and data connectivity includes WiFi, Bluetooth or USB, the Tethered version is connected with the Smart Cable. MAT makes available 2mm banana connectors and it includes:

– Precision LCR Meter
Fast, versatile and low noise impedance measurement of Resistors, Inductors and Capacitors down to the sub femto-farad (fF) range.

– Electrochemical Impedance Spectrometer
Bode and Nyquist spectra from DC, 3.1mHz to 2.5MHz, demodulation of fundamental, 2nd and 3rd harmonic with phase shift adjustment.

– Potentiostat and Galvanostat
Comprehensive set of Voltammetric and Time-based electrochemical techniques. Two or Four contacts measurements, calibration components can be customized by the user.
Compatible with Arduino and Raspberry development environments.
MAT Standalone:  63x34x10mm
MAT Tethered:      42x32x7mm


Supply Voltage

MAT Standalone:  Single Cell LiION Battery or USB cable

MAT Tethered:      3.3V

Max Power

MAT Standalone:  500mW with WiFi communication

MAT Tethered:      3.5mW for EIS measurement


MAT Standalone:  63x34x10mm

MAT Tethered:      42x32x7mm


MAT Standalone:  USB, WiFi, Bluetooth

MAT Tethered:      SENSIBUS, I3C

Frequency 3.1mHz to 2.5MHz
Vpp output sinewave 156mV to 2.8Vpp
Calibration Open/Short/Load compensation support
Output Reciprocal of real or imagery component
Wide Measurement Range From ohms to 100MΩ
Frequency 3.1mHz to 1.2MHz
Vpp output sinewave 156mV to 2.8Vpp
Coherent demodulation 1st, 2nd or 3rd harmonic
Output Real and Imagery spectral component
Wide Measurement Range From 1mΩ to 100MΩ
pH From 3 to 14, potential of Platinum vs Clads-Platinum
ORP total oxidation and reduction potentials
RedOx reduction/oxidation activity (free chlorine, hardness)
Voltammetry specific reduction or oxidation potentials
Anodic Stripping Voltammetry measures heavy metals
Electro-catalysis Noble metal IDEs measure current specifically

3D Model


  • Precision Laboratory instruments
  • In field, on-line data logger
  • Networked and remote operation
  • Concurrent instruments array with Tethered MAT
  • Windows, Linux, Android applications

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