As humans coordinate multiple senses for optimal recognition, so will electronic systems.

About us

Sensichips was founded in 2011 by experienced entrepreneurs from the Semiconductors industry and Arescosmo SpA, a company active in Aerospace and Defense.

It intends to capitalize in megatrend growth drivers that involve sensors such robotics, electrification, wearable, healthcare, automation, internet of everything.

Such systems perform and are reliable to the extent that sensors are, with its technology Sensichips wants to set new performance standards and enable new applications.


The team is driven by a unique spirit of innovation, it is formed by enthusiast engineers and researchers in the field of microelectronics, firmware, artificial intelligence, material science and electrochemistry. Innovation and creativity are at the basis of all we do, we constantly strive for new ideas to build the best performing sensor solutions.

Engineers are located in the Design Centers of Pisa and Cassino while at the Headqarter of Anzio there is a Chemical Laboratory, Application Development, Administration and Management.


SENSIPLUS is a microelectronics platform for multiple heterogeneous sensors integration into a single chip or into miniature Multi-Sensor-Microsystems (MSM).

Our challenge is to combine heterogeneous functional materials with CMOS microelectronics into a single chip sensor: a microsensor. Our devices target a number of environmental sensing needs, while the platform can also scale to other applications.

At the core of SENSIPLUS there is a highly precise and versatile analytical microchip that includes a Wideband Electrical Impedance Spectrometer (EIS) based on a frequency programmable Lock-In Amplifier (LIA) and a Potentiostat in a miniature 3x3mm chip with 2mW power consumption when all functions are active.

Enhancements to those measurement tools enable their use with a variety of chemical, optical, magnetic and acoustic sensors.

Additional integration is achieved by adding functional and sensitive materials with proprietary post-CMOS and MSM manufacturing.

Multiple sensors are made to work cooperatively to improve detection and classification by means of Artificial Intelligence and Analytical algorithms to which SENSIPLUS provides hardware assistance.

SENSIPLUS microsensors can be distributed onto Smart Cables by means of a proprietary single data wire cable bus with features for synchronous operation and efficient data acquisition of distributed sensor arrays. The chip also includes standard I2C/I3C and SPI serial digital interfaces and analog output.

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