Batteries design kit

There is a large variety of battery cells form factor, chemistry, measurement, safety requirements and balancing are specific to the application.

The battery design kit allows rapid prototyping of a battery cell monitoring unit (CMU) intended for integration inside or outside battery cells. The hardware design includes a comprehensive set of measurement and sensors implemented at lowest integration cost, and it can be easily subset with the supporting software development kit (SDK).

The DK is supplied with the SLM-Studio PC application software which can perform complex, prolonged, automated measurements and data logging sessions.

Applications include smart batteries, distributed battery management systems, in-line manufacturing automated battery testing and support to new materials chemistry research and characterization.

The smart battery DK was developed in collaboration with the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT).


Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) or internal resistance SENSIPLUS chip with four contacts measurement. Time-varying single or multi frequency impedance, Bode, Nyquist plots.
Voltammetry, Potentiometry SENSIPLUS chip and battery with reference electrode. Linear sweep, staircase, square wave, differential pulse, stripping, fast scan voltammetry, amperometry and other.
Secondary safety protection Programmable real-time over/under voltage, temperature and short circuit detection. Yes supported.
Temperature Four points temperature sensors: environmental, anode, cathode, cell body with heat flow estimation. Yes supported, calibration required.
Pressure, swelling Connection to the casing of the pouch or pressure, X/Y swelling measurement with patch installed at the center of the battery cell. Voltametric measurements.
Moisture formation, electrolyte leakage With patch installed at the center of the battery cell. Yes supported, calibration required.
Gassing, Environmental Humidity Ionic vapors, relative humidity. Yes supported, calibration required.



  • battery digital twin
  • smart batteries
  • distributed BMS
  • battery characterization
  • automated battery testing

Design Files

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