Battery Cell Management Unit (CMU)

Designed for battery engineers and researchers, the CMU allows performing multiple measurements of battery cells, supercapacitors or fuel cells while in operation.
The CMU is based on the SENSIPLUS microchip which includes an Electrochemical Impedance Spectrometer with Lock-In Amplifier, measuring 1st, 2nd and 3rd harmonics, a Potentiostat/Galvanostat along with on-chip sensors for Temperature, Relative Humidity and Gassing. The Anode and Cathode electrodes included in the CMU kit enable a 4 contacts measurement of the cell internal impedance and tab temperature. Coulomb counting can be performed without shunt resistor and be adjusted for ageing.
An off-chip interface supports external sensors such: strain, pressure, electrolyte leakage and moisture. Multi-sensor measurements are cross-correlated by the SENSIPLUS Learning Machine (SLM) running on an MCU in the battery module, to stream minimal data to the Battery Management System (BMS).
The CMU is chemistry independent; it can be used with Li-ION and Li-Fe-PO4 battery packs, similarly it can be applied to 3b generation of LNMO cells, Supercapacitors and Fuel Cell combinations.


Supply Voltage 1.5-4.5V directly powered by the battery cell
Max Current 20mA when reading EIS at best accuracy
Size 20×8.5mm, 2.3mm thickness
Interface Isolated (UL1577 rating) I3C or SENSIBUS, single data wire bus
Unique Identifier OTP 48bits Unique Device/Cell Identifier, 16bits User Defined
EIS 4 contacts EIS measurement of internal Cell Impedance
Frequency 20Hz to 100KHz
Ipp Output Sinewave 0 to 20mApp
Coherent demodulation 1st, 2nd or 3rd harmonic
Output Reciprocal of real or imagery component
Measurement Resolution 1mΩ with 200μΩ accuracy at 1KHz
Battery Voltage ±1mV accuracy in range 2.5-4.5V @ 50Hz conversion rate
Environmental Temperature ±0.1°C accuracy in range -40°C to 125°C
Environmental Humidity Relative Humidity 0% to 100% with ±0.2% accuracy
Gas sensing VOCs, Vapors
Anode, Cathode Temperature NTC thermistor 100kΩ ±1%, B value 4700K ±1%
Strain Gauge cell swelling measurement
Moisture Sensor electrolyte leakage or moisture sensing
Body Temperature NTC thermistor 100kΩ ±1%, B value 4700K ±1%
Extra sensor port i.e. pressure sensor or additional thermistor
Protection Level Basic
Surge Test Voltage 5000 VPK
Isolation Rating 3000 VRMS
Working Voltage 450 VRMS / 637 VPK



  • Battery cells from 1.5 to 4.5 Volts
  • Super, ultra capacitors
  • Fuel cells
  • Other electrochemical storage devices

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